Sales, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Publishing Jobs In South Africa

Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Publishing, Public Relations Vacancies in South Africa

 Expiry Date 15 Oct 2021
 Posted on 01 Oct 2021

"Musketeers" have always been the main volume contributors, trial generators and sparks, creating kindred spirits in the On Premise environment, ...

 Expiry Date 11 Oct 2021
 Posted on 01 Oct 2021

Responsible for a combination of sales and customer service. including cross-selling to clients as well as nurturing the client relationship

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 Expiry Date 11 Oct 2021
 Posted on 01 Oct 2021

To provide specialist marketing advise to stakeholders and execute activity and project delivery according to set marketing objectives, strategies and/or ...

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 Expiry Date 07 Oct 2021
 Posted on 01 Oct 2021

To provide a positive customer experience by being helpful and sensitive customer needs, expectations and providing product solutions including directing ...

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 Expiry Date 04 Oct 2021
 Posted on 30 Sep 2021

We are looking for a hardworking, dedicated and passionate designer who is a team player. The successful candidate will be ...

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 Expiry Date 01 Oct 2021
 Posted on 29 Sep 2021

•Highbury Media (Pty) Ltd is currently recruiting sales executives to join their sales team working on TFG Sports Club, Soccer ...

Posted by Highbury Media
 Expiry Date 12 Oct 2021
 Posted on 28 Sep 2021

Discovery Limited is looking to employ a UI/UX Designer.

 Expiry Date 12 Oct 2021
 Posted on 28 Sep 2021

Discovery Limited is looking to employ a Contact Centre Consultant.

 Expiry Date 12 Oct 2021
 Posted on 28 Sep 2021

Stryker Corporation is looking to employ a Sales Representative..

 Expiry Date 12 Oct 2021
 Posted on 28 Sep 2021

Senior Technical Specialist is a prominent position within our Technical Services Career Path. At this stage in your technician career ...

Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Publishing, Public Relations Vacancies in South Africa

Are you creative? And imaginative then a career in marketing, advertising, or Public relations is for you. The heart of every successful business lies in marketing. In recent memories marketing has become one of the most important pillars of business success. Marketing is broad in nature; it involves many different facets from

• Brand Management
• Advertising
• Promotions
• Public Relations
Choosing the right career in marketing can be daunting due to it being a broad field. Er are here to help you narrow down the right career path for you.

Brand management

Brand management is one of the most popular fields in marketing. Brand managers are responsible for the protection and upkeep of a brand. There are there to make sure the products of a company are in alignment with the characteristics of the brand and that that they resonate with the brand. The brand is the most important tool in marketing for a company. Mess up the brand you mess up the entire product lineup

Careers to choose from in brand management
• Brand Manager
• Product Manager
• Product Development Manager

Advertising was once the pinnacle of marketing and it still is. Advertising involves creating and managing the ads of a company. The aim of advertising is to communicate the functions and problem-solving ability of a product to the consumer. Advertising can be a fun career, it encourages imagination and creation.
• Advertising Managers
• Advertising Sales Director
• Account Executives

In the field of marketing, promotion refers to communicating to the preferred audience the information about a certain product, how it works its merits, and how it can be your problem solver. Promotions aids advertisement initiatives by creating programs that encourage the consumer to buy your product.

These could be in the form of discounts, coupons, or rebates.
• Promotions Director
• Promotions Assistant
• Public Relations

Is a Career in Marketing for You?

Marketing is a culture, you breathe marketing when you join the field. Many people think that marketing is only for those who are creative or those with imaginative minds only. Marketing is also about hard work and research. Marketers spend a lot of time coming up with strategies and campaigns to use for their work. They work day and night and at times weekends too. The job is ever-changing, this is because of the ever-changing nature of consumer tastes, so the job requires continuous learning.

However, aside from all the hard work marketing is an interesting discipline. It involves creativity and imagination the two greatest things in life. So if you are creative and at the same time hardworking them marketing is for you.

Why choose a marketing career

Diverse/broad discipline

Marketing offers a wide range of roles to choose from. At times these roles are interchangeable, meaning that you get to do many things, you will never get bored of your job as each project is different. The face of marketing is forever shifting, which means that you will not stagnate in your career because there is always something too new to learn and grasp.

Widen Your Connections
The marketing field lets you meet new people. Being a marketer means that you will be working with new people regularly.

Higher Income Potential
Marketing has a higher potential of earning high income depending on the firm you work for or the projects you are