Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality (SHEQ) Jobs In South Africa

Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality (SHEQ) Jobs In South Africa

 Expiry Date 16 May 2022
 Posted on 13 May 2022

Servest Group - Corporate Shared Services, Has A Vacancy For A Sheq Officer. This Position Reports Directly To The Sheq ...

Posted by: Servest SA

Location: Kwazulu Natal

 Expiry Date 26 May 2022
 Posted on 13 May 2022

RCL Foods is seeking for Safety Officer to join our team at the Pongola Site. The purpose of this position ...

Posted by: RCL Foods

Location: Kwazulu Natal

 Expiry Date 19 May 2022
 Posted on 11 May 2022

Eskom is looking to employ an Officer Occupational Hygiene and Safety

Posted by: Eskom

Location: Mpumalanga

 Expiry Date 26 May 2022
 Posted on 10 May 2022

Reporting to the SHEQ and Logistics Manager, the candidate will support the SHEQ Office to maintain ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO ...

Posted by: South African National Space Agency (SANSA)

Location: Western Cape

 Expiry Date 19 May 2022
 Posted on 06 May 2022

AECI Mining Chemicals is looking to employ a SHEQ Specialist.

Posted by: AECI Mining Chemicals

Location: Gauteng

 Expiry Date 09 May 2022
 Posted on 05 May 2022

We are looking for an Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Posted by: Agricultural Research Council (ARC)

Location: Nelspruit / Mbombela

 Expiry Date 06 May 2022
 Posted on 05 May 2022

Knowledge of Environmental Law; Environmental auditing; Environmental management systems; Risk management, Mine Health & Safety Act

Posted by: AfriSam South Africa

Location: North West

 Expiry Date 13 May 2022
 Posted on 03 May 2022

AECI Mining Chemicals is looking to employ a SHE Administrator.

Posted by: AECI Mining Chemicals

Location: Eastern Cape

 Expiry Date 13 May 2022
 Posted on 03 May 2022

To take accountability for the safety, health, environment, risk and quality assurance aspects of hospital operations by ensuring full compliance, ...

Posted by: Clinix Health Group

Location: Gauteng

 Expiry Date 03 May 2022
 Posted on 29 Apr 2022

An opportunity has arisen for a SHERQ Operational Risk Investigator responsible for the implementation and execution of an operational risk ...

Posted by: Unitrans

Location: Gauteng

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Security and SHEQ Jobs overview

Security and Safety Health Environment Quality as the term used is one of the biggest departments in organizations that ensures the provision of one quality service to employees at large. This is one of the crucial departments in organizations because they make sure that all safety, security, health as well as quality measures are put in place. They try by all means to eliminate all risks associated with fire, robbery, outbreaks, and others to make sure that employees are working in the most appropriate environment. SHEQ management employees work directly on cross-department issues by combining processes, methods, and tools that are required to meet the goal of the department in a more interconnected structure.

Most popular SHEQ jobs
Ventilation officer

In choosing a career one may the interested in finding all opportunities to work as a ventilation officer but without full knowledge of what being a ventilation officer is all about. When we say ventilation officer we are referring to an employee who will be working more on being responsible for the maintenance of ventilation and work-related hygiene systems to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. Being a ventilation officer requires efforts and dedication but not forgetting the knowledge of environmental health. Meaning to say if one is interested in working in this area more efforts should be made in learning more about occupational hygiene risk as well as environmental health. The main focus of the ventilation officer will be on:
• Set daily, weekly and monthly ventilation and occupational hygiene routine schedules
• Maintain ventilation and occupational hygiene strategies and systems
• Conduct risk assessments, participate in audits and interpret and act on ventilation and occupational hygiene-related legislation
• Advice on changes to plans and schedules to minimize the effect of unexpected or unsafe work practices
• Determine the need for and assist in the development of ventilation and occupational hygiene procedures and standards including short term ventilation and occupational hygiene planning
Security Technician
The importance of security technicians is unforgettable and their absence can be easily noticed as they play a major role in ensuring that all security measures are put in place within a company. One of their main roles is to ensure that there is enough security in an organization through the implementation of security systems. In addition to that, security technicians should have more knowledge on CCTV, access control, alarm and intrusive detective systems installations, and programming. They should be able to run all that so that in the case of any danger they will get notifications. Meaning to say that they will need to install servers, computer networks, and security systems in the organization to certify the safety of company resources. The responsibility of a security technician varies with organizations. Below is a list of some of their duties and responsibilities:
• Installing security systems that include surveillance and access control systems
• Assisting with the programming of cameras, alarm points and other security systems
• Assist with user enrolments
• Troubleshooting and repairing of security systems
• Assisting in preventative maintenance

Loss Control Manager

These are the ones who define the absence of any type of loss in an organization. Loss control managers are there to foster communication at all levels with the goal of avoiding any loss either through corruption or theft. In addition, being a loss control manager require so much knowledge in conducting investigations towards managing any loss control which means that one may need to invest more time in understanding security risk management.

There are several roles they play but below are listed main duties and responsibilities:

• Maintaining the relationship between the authority and state security Agencies
• Conducting security risk assessments
• Monitoring the implementation of recommendations made by the Loss Control in all cases
• Monitoring cases of corruption to ensure that they are concluded effectively and on time
• Assisting in the management and effectiveness of business continuity plan.

Health and Safety Administrator

Commonly known for being active on supervision. Being a health and safety administrator then requires one to have leadership and good communication skills as they work more in contact with other workers from all levels. These administrators are then expected to document everything around the waste management side as well as covering the health and safety portfolio. After that, they then go for submission to management for review and overall compliance to standards and regulations. Meaning to say that they work with both general employees up to management with the goal of capturing any form of loss as well as ensuring safety in the organization.

Moreover, they play the following roles in most organizations but they aren’t limited to that:
• Capturing weight on incoming and outgoing waste
• Maintaining registers
• Preparing for audits
• Ensuring a safe and compliant operating environment
• Report on and investigate injuries and accidents
• Assist in the creation of Safety Operating Procedures
• Co-ordinate contractors including pest control and waste management