R&D, Science & Scientific Research Jobs In South Africa

R&D, Science & Scientific Research Jobs Vacancies in South Africa

 Expiry Date 18 Jan 2022
 Posted on 04 Jan 2022

AHRI has an exciting opportunity to start of the year for a research assistant. The AHRI research assistant will be ...

Posted by: Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI)

Location: Kwazulu Natal

 Expiry Date 14 Jan 2022
 Posted on 31 Dec 2021

Sappi Saiccor Mill requires an Assistant : Laboratory for the daily collection of various samples and preparing them for analysis ...

Posted by: Sappi

Location: Kwazulu Natal

 Expiry Date 30 Dec 2021
 Posted on 20 Dec 2021

AECI Mining Chemicals is looking to employ a Laboratory Analyst

Posted by: AECI Mining Chemicals

Location: Gauteng

R&D, Science & Scientific Research Jobs overview

Science and technology are critical to the future of any nation. Science and technology are the drivers of economic growth and sustainability in the future. South Africa like any other country prioritizes this sector and puts a lot of investment into it. South Africa`s spending on research and development has continued to increase over the years at a higher rate making it the perfect sector to invest your career in. besides the government investing in research and development, private businesses are also discovering the importance of research and development to a business. Innovation has become one of the major core competencies of firms around the world. This means that the demand for engineers and scientists with an aptitude for research and innovation is increasing. So, if you are a scientist enthusiast and innovative in nature, a career in research and development might be for you. In recent times research and development scientists have been put in the spotlight due to the 2020 covid-19 virus. Most companies and governments have increased their budget for research and development in an attempt to find a vaccine for the virus. However, a career in this industry requires hard workers who are well educated and determined to put in the work. Ready for the challenge? let us dive more into research and development.

What are research and development?
Research and development are almost every area of science and business there is. Research and development are the discovering of new knowledge or new ways of doing an activity. The purpose of research and development is to gather information, analyze it, generate knowledge and use it for a certain purpose or activity. Research and development are anything that companies do for the purpose of developing new products, processes, or services and also improving those that already exist. Research and development tie the gap between science and business. Research and development are purely experimental, everything is not known until researched. Nearly every revolutionary product released in the history of the world was due to research and development. Every new product begins in this phase then develops into an idea usable.

Research and development are found in every field imaginable however most important noteworthy areas are engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, and chemical science. An example where a lot of research and development is done is in the pharmaceutical space, whereby scientists come up with new drugs and test them for effectiveness. Also, in the automobile industry, new forms of material are tested every time for example new light metal for lighter faster cars. The jobs differ according to discipline but generally, it is the same principle, finding new ways to do a certain activity or improving the old ways.

Example of research and development jobs

• Analytical chemist
• Clinical researcher
• Research scientist
• Biotechnologist
• Food technologist
• Toxicologist
• Forensic scientist
• Materials Scientist
• Medical laboratory scientist
• Biochemist

How to get into Research and development
The research and development industry is difficult to enter. Usually, an advanced qualification is a prerequisite to getting into a career in research and development. The hiring of research scientist differs according to the industry from national defence, medicine, transport, and aerospace programs, every one of these organizations has its own independent hiring design that is often associated with years of work and study. Publications and citation is another way of getting into the research and development industry. Quality publications can build you a reputation that will be an added advantage when seeking a research scientist position in any industry or firm.

Another specific way of getting into the industry is through working your way up. This process involves obtaining a scientific position an example being engineering within an R&D department. You can work your way up from there through hard work and orchestrating scientific projects and ideas.
Working in research and development is very stimulating and challenging. You get to discover new stuff every day, the work never gets boring and it will always amaze you. You get to meet a lot of different people, go to a lot of places, conferences and get to see the implementation f your findings which can be very satisfying.

However, this work can be quite frustrating at times especially if you get stuck in one project and fail to get the results you would want to get. It gets very draining not knowing what you will find at times or being proven wrong all the time. Research scientists spent most of their time working and they are away from home a lot of the time. Research scientists work hard all the time and they usually deal with unknown data which is hard work. Sometimes keeping your mind stimulated all the time is tiring.
In conclusion, working in research is such an exciting job. You get to have new stuff all the time, be the first to use some products and also it helps that it pays well with an average salary of R389,687 per year.