Mining Jobs In South Africa

Mining Jobs Vacancies In South Africa

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Job no: 498245 Work type: Permanent Location: North West Categories: Engineering, Mining Grade: C2

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•Provide the leadership required to create high performance teams - capable of reaching all the their targets, as well as ...

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•Sasol Mining operates six coal mines that supply feedstock for our Southern African integrated value chain. •The coal supplied to ...

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•Sasol Mining operates six coal mines that supply feedstock for our Southern African integrated value chain. •The coal supplied to ...

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Salary: 500 - 100000
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Sasol is looking for a Mine Overseer (Shift Superintendent) (Fulco) Job Req Id: 83181 Closing date: 31 August 2021 Operating ...

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Mining industry overview

Just like other industries mining has been one of the richest industries through its different components in minerals. It involves the extraction of precious minerals and other geological materials to the processing of natural solid minerals from the earth for example iron, copper, and other rocks. So generally mining involves the extraction of materials from the ground, processing of those materials into a more defined form. thus, extraction, production, investing up to trading. Although mining offers high paying careers, Mining is also a dangerous occupation, as mines are prone to accidents and collapses that can jeopardize miners' safety. In this article, we take a look at different types of mining occupations.

Popular mining jobs
Analyzing Laboratory Technician
This choice of career calls for reliability, accuracy, reliability and other interpersonal skills. In the sense that their final decisions have a greater influence on the outcome of mineral samples. Analyzing laboratory technicians are also called engineers because they are the ones who are responsible for mineral processing. Other than being active in the processing of minerals they play a major role in the operation of analytical and manual preparation of equipment. Meaning to say if one is interested in being this engineer they should at least specialize in mineral processing or extractive metallurgy. To add to that one should have good technical report writing skills because during the process some information and observations should be noted down. Other duties and responsibilities they can play during the course of their career are listed below:

• Observing results and quality control data to ensure compliant conditions
• Informing supervisor of any deviation from acceptable quality control and implementing corrective action
• Preparation of mineral samples for example coal
• Processing and analyzing routine samples in accordance with industry-standard testing methods established by laboratory management procedures
• Producing technical reports as required
• Troubleshooting and maintaining all laboratory equipment as well as maintaining good housekeeping throughout the laboratory

Mine Planner/ Mining Engineer
A mine planner is an engineering professional who is responsible for determining the best way to extract resources from the ground. Mine planners work for mining companies and their duty is to oversee the safe extraction of mineral from the surface and also offer technical support for all mining operations. Their job is to ensure that all mining activities are done safely, efficiently and in a sustainable manner. The role includes technical knowledge of mining processes and also management activities. mine planner is there to make sure all mining activities are done smoothly and efficiently. They monitor the functionality of all mining equipment, decide on repairs and on replacements. Mine planners supervise all the staff and also are responsible for liaising with other management staff, making reports and planning mining activities with them. Mine planner also interacts with equipment suppliers, building relationships with them. They also are responsible for forming relationships with clients. The position of mine planner requires candidates with good leadership and communication skills. Mine planners must have good interpersonal skills as they will be working with to be a mine planer a degree in engineering or a B Tech (Mining/Geology) or NHD (Mining/Geology) and/or Government Surveying Certificate.

Mine Geologist

Before carrying out further mining activities most mines consult geologist to advise on any production plans. They are responsible for assessing and considering environmental data so that they will recommend if the mining period is going to be short or long term. In this essence mining geologists study the correlation between geology, ore formation and locate new mineral resources. Meaning to say they take part in more to do with pit ore control. Their importance in the mining company extends to identifying rocks, making critical conclusions about the minerals as well as offering geology-related services to other mine workforces. They further advise on the environmental aspects of development and their common duties and responsibilities are listed below:

• They continuously conduct geological research
• Producing written reports
• The make sure that all the decisions and processes are in line with the health and safety regulations as well as pit mapping
• They are the ones who inform about drilling and production processes so before that they conduct surveys and interpret geological data so that they will advise accordingly.

Blaster /driller

Job summary
A blaster is an explosive expert who works in a mine and is responsible for planting and detonating explosives to loosen or break rock structures for the purpose of easy removal. Blasters are responsible for removing rock deposits or any material on the earth surface by blasting them and breaking them into pieces. They examine the mass and composition of an area they want to blast to figure out how much explosives are needed and also how to blast the area safely. They then mark the area with holes and plant explosive to blast the area. Blasters and drillers work closely together, most of the time those who are in charge of blasting are also in charge of drilling activities. Drillers basically operate or use drilling machines to make a hole like pathways into the earth’s surface. Being a blaster is extremely risky and requires strong expertise in explosions and safety. Blasters must be both strong physically and mentally. They must be well organised and not error-prone, as they get a few second chances. Blasters need to be well experienced in their job. Certifications are also required for the job and also licences to use explosive material is also a necessity to get the job. The average salary for a blaster in south Africa is R326000 per year.

Working conditions
Working in mining varies on the type of job you have. Some personnel work in offices like mine planners whilst some work at the mining sites like blasters and drillers. The job is quite challenging physically. You get to work in difficult environments in a clast phobic space.

Why choose to mine as a profession.

Opportunity to work internationally
Mining gives you a chance of working internationally. A career in mining will take you around the world working in different mines.

Great Pay
Mining has great salary expectations. Mining involves extracting valuable mining from the ground, so it is only right that they receive a hefty salary. There are a few jobs that offer as much financial compensation as mining jobs.

Work Environment
The work environment for miners varies greatly with the position that they have. Those miners who work in the mines often work in extraneous weather conditions and work environments. They lift heavy products and operate heavy machinery. However, some of those who work in more office-oriented roles work in better conditions and are not found on site every time.