Legal Jobs In South Africa

Legal Jobs vacancies in South Africa

 Expiry Date 28 Sep 2021
 Posted on 22 Sep 2021

•To investigate allegations of cyber incidents; Fraud; theft; corruption; general and financial irregularities and non-compliance to SABC policies and procedures, ...

 Expiry Date 22 Sep 2021
 Posted on 18 Sep 2021

JOB PURPOSE: To assist the Group Company Secretary in ensuring that the company is in compliance with its regulatory and ...

Posted by Sea Harvest
 Expiry Date 27 Sep 2021
 Posted on 13 Sep 2021

•Department Of Justice And Constitutional Development is looking for a Senior Court Interpreter •Ref: 21/60/FS

 Expiry Date 17 Sep 2021
 Posted on 12 Sep 2021

POSITION: Superintendent Tenders and Contracts (Pos No. 1695) GRADING: Level MML CIC: 20580000 - Procurement Phalabonva PURPOSE OF THE JOB: ...

Posted by Foskor
 Expiry Date 15 Sep 2021
 Posted on 10 Sep 2021

•Public Protector South Africa is looking for an Investigator Complaints and Stakeholder Management

 Expiry Date 17 Sep 2021
 Posted on 10 Sep 2021

•Public Protector South Africa is looking for an Investigator

 Expiry Date 17 Sep 2021
 Posted on 10 Sep 2021

•Public Protector South Africa is looking for an Investigator

 Expiry Date 17 Sep 2021
 Posted on 10 Sep 2021

•Public Protector South Africa is looking for an Investigator

 Expiry Date 17 Sep 2021
 Posted on 10 Sep 2021

•Public Protector South Africa is looking for an Investigator

 Expiry Date 14 Sep 2021
 Posted on 10 Sep 2021

•Applications are invited from persons interested to fill in the above-mentioned position. The incumbent will be appointed on a permanent ...

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Legal Jobs

The legal industry is one of the industries which consists of firms that provide legal services. Some of the major services are provided through lawyers and other legal practitioners to individuals, government agents, and non-governmental organizations. Establishments in this industry can offers opportunities like legal consultants, legal and compliance officers, and legal practitioners. To help one to understand career choice one needs to understand that this industry comprises of service providers who are primarily engaged in the practice of law.
Most popular legal jobs
Legal consultants
A legal consultant as the term describes is the person whom clients look up to when they are in need of legal advice. Moreover, they give advice to their clients and make sure that their clients are not doing anything illegal. Their duties sometimes vary with the area they have specialized in but generally, they create and examine the documents they create for their clients. Some of their key duties and responsibilities are listed below:
Key duties
• Undertake extensive legal research and analysis; handle a range of multi-disciplinary complex legal matters including interpretation and application of various legal instruments in the relevant area of concentration to facilitate the provision of quality legal services.
• Review legal documents, identify and analyze important issues, presenting findings and recommendations for internal review to contribute to the decision-making process.
• Prepare or assist in the preparation of legal opinions or advice on a wide range of legal issues background papers, studies, memoranda, reports, and other legal documents.
• Assist in providing legal advice and interpretations and reviewing administrative decisions
• Prepare and assess briefs of evidence to contribute to legal analysis solutions.
• Participate in negotiations and settlement of claims and disputes with public and private entities.
• Negotiate and prepare agreements and contracts with public and private entities including governments, financial institutions, digital payments providers, and other commercial entities, and assisting with contractual interpretation and disputes to meet unique clients’ needs.

Legal and compliance officer

When we talk of legal and compliance officers we are referring to those employees of higher precedence in a company. They are those employees who have unfiltered knowledge of the company and in the case that there is a possibility of breaching the industry’s regulatory procedures they raise awareness. As the term used “compliance” they are responsible for making a company to submit or to be obedient to through communicating ethical principles and compliance regulations. From the description given above, we then see that a compliance officer is an employee of a company who is responsible for making sure that the company is not breaching the terms of the industry. More so, compliances make sure that all employees are submitting to internal policies as well as outside regulatory and legal requirements. In simple terms, we then refer compliance officers to in-house providers who support maintaining policies through designing or updating internal policies to lessen any risk of breaching the law.
• Review ongoing cases and advise management accordingly
• Liaise with relevant departments to ensure that where legal risks have been identified, appropriate courses of action have been taken
• Provide legal protection and risk management advice to management especially on contract management
• Provide and interpret legal information, conduct training, and disseminate appropriate legal requirements of staff
• Review progress of outstanding litigation and liaise with and manage external lawyers
• Review all contracts or any other documentation where the organization has committed itself and assess legal implications that need to be brought to the senior management’s attention
• Prepare, review and modify contractual instruments to assist and support various business activities
• Negotiate, review and draft documentation for business transactions, prepare and advise on the necessary checklist to be adopted to ensure information is submitted on time

Legal practitioner
A legal practitioner is commonly known as someone who practices law. It then refers to a person or an advocate who is entitled to practice as a pleader or defender. They play a major role in representing defendants by looking after their interests through assisting them in understanding the cases against them. Thus being a legal practitioner requires full know-how of the defendant’s legal rights and obligations and any consequences that are associated with the decisions made related to the conduct of their problem. Thus, one needs to know that being a legal practitioner requires a lot of dedication, effort, and knowledge of the law.

Their major roles are listed below:

• Take instructions from clients
• Attend to court and dispute resolution for and represent clients
• Offer legal advice to the clients
• Do any other duties as assigned by the Director from time to time

Other legal jobs
• Paralegal
• Legal Secretary
• Compliance Specialist
• Conflicts Analyst
• Legal Recruiter
• Court Messenger
• Law Firm Administrator
• Contract Administrator

Basic skills required in the industry
• Being able to stay calm under pressure.
• Having interpersonal abilities.
• Being confident.
• Having an analytical mind for large amounts of information
• Analytical and investigative skills