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Government, NGO Jobs Vacancies in South Africa

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Government, NGO Jobs overview

Working for the government has never been more attractive than it is today. High profile jobs in the public sector give more returns than those in the private sector according to PayScale. Unlike the private sector, the public sector is a stickler for rules and regulations. Employees in the public sector enjoy the full scope of employment benefits and adhere to labour laws more than the private sector. All this means there is more job security and protection in the public sector than the private sector, hence a flock of people are applying for public sector jobs. Those who work for the government have access to some of the best financial incentives in the employment market and they know it. Don't assume that working for the government will turn you into a bureaucrat the thing people most hate. Working in government has its own benefits and the possibilities are endless when it comes to career development.

Why work for the government
• Generous compensation
Only government employees can receive some forms of compensation that the private sector cannot get. government workers receive funds among others like Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) which provides retirement, death and disability cover.
• More representation
The public sector due to its adherence to rules and regulations has been able to turn around its hiring now a bigger proportion of both women and African workers are now seen and the chances of discrimination have decreased.
• Better benefits with government jobs
The government offers better benefits than the private sector. You get better health insurance, pensions and at times remuneration
• Job security
The public sector offers a wide range of employment opportunities and we are going to take a deeper look at some of these jobs.

Law, law enforcement and security
One of the most popular public sector jobs is that of law enforcement and security. In any sector, you can find a job in law enforcement. Law enforcement is a demanding job, but a very fulfilling one as you will be serving and protecting your community. You also practice law and be an attorney of law for the government.

Medicine, social work and education
You can also find work in the health sector of the government. Government prioritizes the health sector as it is one of the major pillars of the South African government. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has made people realize how important public health workers are. The job is rewarding and pays well. You can be a nurse or doctor or any type of physician in the public sector

The education sector is also a worthwhile job to take in the public sector. Education is a pillar of any country`s success hence the government puts more resources into this sector. Public sector teachers earn more on average than private-sector teachers making this a very attractive offer.

This sector has a few jobs offers you can pursue. There are departments in the government that are always looking for talented scientists and engineers to employ. Jobs like civil engineering, electronic engineering, scientists and agricultural engineers are always in demand in the public sector and career advancements opportunities are numerous when you work for the government.

Business and technology
Business is an important sector for the government as it involves the economy. Governments need talented individuals to head and work for vital departments in the economy that is economists, finance managers, human resources and IT specialists.

The public sector also requires administrative employees to run smoothly like any other company. Administrators ensure the government is run efficiently and progressing towards its goals. You can either be a database administrator, office clerk or public secretary. The jobs are fulfilling and also come with a hefty paycheck

NGOs run like any business, there is no fundamental core difference, the only difference is that such organizations most do not operate to make profits. NGOs have managers, in this instance project managers, accountants and data clerks. NGOs like UNICEF have the setup of top firms in the world bolstering a marketing department, legal department and also public relations.

There are plenty of NGO jobs advertised, and you have a chance to get one of those jobs. You first have to decide what you want to and what interests you the most. NGO jobs are for those who have natural care in themselves. The jobs at times require a lot of travelling, dedication and sometimes you might find yourself in a less desirable location that you might find repulsive or dangerous like war-prone areas. NGO jobs will have working with children, animals, refugees, the disabled and everyone else looking for help.