General Workers, No Qualification Jobs In South Africa

General Jobs For people without qualifications or educational certificates. This category included maids, house helpers, packers and gardener jobs in South Africa.

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 Posted on 26 Jul 2021

The successful candidate will form part of the EMS team, and will maintain and develop landscapes and facilities using various ...

Posted by Rand Water
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 Posted on 25 Jul 2021

Job Description Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) has an exciting opportunity. We are looking for a talented individuals with relevant ...

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 Posted on 25 Jul 2021

Job Description Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) has an exciting opportunity in our Logistics department. We are looking for a ...

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Premier Fort Jackson Bakery is currently looking for a Loader to join their team. This position will be reporting to ...

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Avbob Mutual Assurance is looking for a General Worker.

Posted by AVBOB
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•To drive and operate cranes in a safe manner for its intended purposes and within the capacity limitations of the ...

Posted by Sasol
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AECI is looking for General Farm Worker.

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•Dis-Chem Pharmacies require an experienced Cleaner for their Victory Park store. •You will be responsible to maintain a clean and ...

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•Dis-Chem Pharmacies’ Olympus store has an opportunity available for a Dispensary Support Learner to join the team. • The main ...

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Cleaner wanted at Tsebo Solutions Group.

General Workers overview

Not everyone goes to university or has the qualifications to get a high paying job in the market or you might be a recent graduate waiting to university and you want some cash for your tuition, there are jobs you can actually apply for and get. University degrees are not always a requirement, but they certainly give you a competitive advantage in looking for employment and get a competitive salary. While graduates earn considerably more in South Africa, it does not mean no graduates earn much lesser or have no successful career outlooks. In this article, we take a look at jobs you can get with no university or college degree.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are the pinnacle of makeovers in today`s society. Good makeup artists are in demand worldwide from celebrities to ordinary people, they all want the action of a good make-up artist. Make-up artists virtually have no university degree at times even any certificate. Though some makeup artists go to beauty school it heavily relies on the talent and experience you have. A make-up artist is responsible for transforming the appearance of people through the use of make-up tools like wigs, paint, eyelashes or any other make-up gear. Make-up artists can find jobs in a variety of areas from entertainment, fashion, and even working as freelance.

Waiters work in the food industry mostly in restaurants or any other dining facilities. Their responsibility is to welcome customers to the establishment, taking orders, and serving food or beverages as per customer request. Waiters are there to provide exceptional customer service and make sure that clients get their orders as per exactly as they requested on time. Waiters are the face of the restaurants; they can make and create a business. Being a waitress does not need any high qualifications but it is a difficult job that requires professionalism and discipline as you will be meeting different kinds of people. Most people who work in restaurants earn considerably good salaries or wages depending on the establishment you work for.

Security guard
Security guards are an essential part of any valuable business. They keep the possessions of a business safe and maintain an atmosphere of order at the premise of business. Security guards monitor and protect buildings and surrounding possessions from harm. Typical duties of a security guard are to regularly monitor surveillance equipment, patrol around the building checking for any breaches and manage any trespassers. Security guards must have strong investigation skills, strong physically, and must be able to make good decisions in little time.

The job does not need a degree, it generally requires a lot of training and a lot of natural skill. Security guards earn a respectable amount and again it all depends on the firm worked for.

7. Telemarketer
Telemarketers are responsible for direct marketing products or services to customers through the use of telephone lines. Their duty is to persuade potential customers to buy a product through the use of scripted telephone calls. The position virtually does not need a high top qualification rather your natural wit and charisma. Most telemarketers make money according to the number of calls they have successfully made.

A landscaper is responsible for maintaining gardens, parks, and other landscapes in good immaculate condition. They ensure that the outside of buildings is maintained neatly, plants grow well, clean, and maintain the overall look of the outside environment. No formal education is needed for this shop rather than your landscaping capabilities and hard work.

Heavy Truck Driver

Truck drivers basically transport goods from one place to another within a stipulated time. They are also responsible for the upkeep of their trucks and following road rules and regulations. Though some firms may require matriculants a clean commercial driver's license and background are all that is needed.

Construction worker
Construction workers work on various projects involving building. They are responsible for unloading building material, operating machinery, and any task they are given. construction workers should be able to operate heavy machinery and tools effectively. The job requires a lot of physical labour in ever-changing temperatures.

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