Banking, Finance , Risk, Insurance Jobs In South Africa

Banking, Finance Jobs Vacancies in South Africa

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 Posted on 24 Sep 2021

•This position will suit an outgoing and motivated person with a passion to build a client base alongside an energetic ...

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-“The CSIR has a vacancy for a Senior Researcher/Engineer in the Energy Centre within the Smart Places cluster. •The incumbent ...

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•The CSIR has a vacancy for a Business Development Manager within the NextGen Health Cluster of the Chemicals, Agriculture, Food ...

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Responsible for the efficient and accurate end-to-end processing of cash in compliance with policies and procedures (SOPs).

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This exciting opportunity exists in our Corporate Finance Division based in Kenilworth, Cape Town. We are looking for a Finance ...

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•To manage customer accounts for Africa and Supply chain and reconciliations related to exports, collect the debt within the specified ...

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Sanlam is looking to employ a Financial Assistant.

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We are looking for an energetic, dynamic and well-spoken Complaints Resolutions Officer to join the team in Cape Town. The ...

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To deliver banking solutions to clients by understanding their business and needs through relationship management to achieve Nedbanks strategy to ...

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FlySafair requires the services of a Finance Administrator to be employed as a Temp in the finance department. This candidate ...

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Finance industry

Financial service is a broad term that is used to describe the various offerings within the finance industry from insurance, money management, and banking. The financial sector is made up of firms and institutions that provide financial services to customers. The sector comes with a handful of employment opportunities that one can get. Getting information about the industry will help you decide on what path you want to take and what job fits you the most, you will be able to match your skills with the appropriate career. Even though you want to shift careers, you still need to research on a new career for you and this could be the one for you. If you are interested in financial markets, stocks, bonds, and other investment and also if you are good with numbers then a career in finance is just for you. Let’s look at the employment opportunities that one can get from the finance industry:

Most Popular Finance jobs
Bankers, also known as retail bankers, assist customers with financial services such as setting up checking and savings account, loan services, moving money. They also offer clients banking products and services. Retail bankers assist clients in managing their funds in a manner that brings balances risk and reward. They guide clients in matters like savings, loans, mortgages, withdrawals, and deposits.
Banking welcomes people from all different facets of academic backgrounds. However, a commerce degree in particular in the field of Banking and accounting will place you in a better position to get the job. While many banking firms can employ candidates from all academic sectors, from an academic and learning perspective, a commerce degree will place you in a better position to be employed. Plus, research conducted by an executive placement agency revealed that a third of South Africa’s CEO's in the top 100 listed companies hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Before your bank account can also do the talking, you need to ensure you have the right qualification.

The insurance sector has seen its own share of growth over the past in South Africa. It creates a wide range of career openings for matriculants and university graduates. The Insurance industry provides numerous employment opportunities in the job market. Insurance is a broad term that includes many types of coverage from life, health, auto, and property. An insurance career is not all about only the sale of policies but rather has different facets to it. Some of these careers are highly complex and require relevant academic qualifications.

However, many of the jobs in insurance are clerical by trade, they involve keeping payment and policy services. In Some jobs like actuaries, you will be a trained professional who evaluates, manages, and advises on financial risks and uncertainty. Actuaries examine data to estimate the chances or likelihood of a certain event occurring and its possible financial costs. Most actuaries possess a degree in either math, computer science, finance, and statistics. You can also enrol in a university and get an actuarial science degree. This will allow you to write a number of the examinations required to qualify as an actuary. Actuary graduates are expected to have a good academic record history and grades. Below is a brief list of the responsibilities of an actuarial scientist.

Stockbrokers purchase and trade financial securities for profit for their clients. They basically manage the financial portfolio of their client. Some stockbrokers may also act as financial and stock market consultant. Successful Brokers are quick thinking, innovative, and risk-takers. Stockbrokers work in a stressful, fast-paced environment, but for the skilled and talented individual, it can be a rewarding career.

A bachelor’s degree in a related field is often a prerequisite to becoming a stockbroker. Many hiring firms will prefer a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Coursework that is needed to be a stoke broker includes finance, business, accounting, and economics. Students can expect to complete an internship in both types of degree programs.

Other finance jobs
• Financial Planner
• Financial Analyst
• Budget Analyst
• Actuary
• Accountant
• Credit Analyst
• Attorney
• Commercial Real Estate Agent
• Business Teacher
Basic skills needed in the finance industry
• A formal accounting qualification (finance degree or equivalent)
• Interpersonal skills
• Ability to communicate
• Financial reporting
• Analytical in nature
• Problem-solving skills
• Knowledge of IT software
• Management experience
• business acumen
• Capacity for innovation

Why work in finance
• Lucrative compensation
Finance jobs usually offer hefty salary packages, due to the large responsibilities entrusted to you, the job comes with a high-risk factor, so it is only right that it comes with a huge payoff.
• There is a chance for career advancement
The finance sector has more opportunities for career advancements than any other sector.
• good job satisfaction
finance jobs provide job satisfaction due to the wide range of jobs you can pursue.
• you can travel the world
• it can be very interesting challenging and stimulating
• finance jobs are challenging in nature hence the room for boredom.