Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental & Fishing Jobs In South Africa

Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental & Fishing Jobs in South Africa

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 Posted on 24 Sep 2021

•The CSIR has a vacancy for a Senior Researcher in Climate Services research group of Holistic Climate Change Impact Area, ...

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 Posted on 17 Sep 2021

The successful candidate will maintain and develop EMS landscapes and facilities using various horticultural equipment, machines and tools in a ...

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 Posted on 17 Sep 2021

The successful candidate will form part of the Horticultural Maintenance team, giving input into the maintenance & construction of landscapes ...

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 Posted on 10 Sep 2021

•The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) is a premier science institution that conducts research with partners, develops human capital and foster ...

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A job opportunity exists for the right candidate in Rustenburg

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The Department of Agriculture, Western Cape Government has an opportunity for a competent individual to oversee the execution of routine ...

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•The Node for Arid Lands has been in operation since January 2011 and is hosted by the South African National ...

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•Food Lover’s Market is recruiting an Environmental Analyst responsible for overseeing the development, implementation, reporting and monitoring of the groups ...

The agriculture, forestry, and fishing industry sector play a major role in the economy of a country. Careers in agriculture and forestry contribute to be one of the largest pool of employment opportunities providing jobs for a multitude of people in Africa. People who work in these types of jobs handle responsibilities like fruit and vegetable production, livestock, grain forestry, and fishing. The environmental industry produces employment opportunities for individuals from different backgrounds in terms of education and career paths. The following article is aimed at providing the necessary information on what types of opportunities does this sector provides and the skillset needed for the career.

Horticulturists are responsible for nursery work, landscaping, managing parks, cultivating and packaging crops ranging from food and other decorative plants. Horticulturists are employed at nurseries, garden parks, and arboretums. They are mostly tasked with physical jobs that involve bending, pulling, and pushing machinery and equipment. A horticulturist will be responsible for managing a horticultural business in which scientific knowledge and traditional farming skills are required for ultimate job performance.

Pest Control
Pest control employees eradicate unwanted pests that invade buildings and surrounding areas. Pest control employees remove undesirable pests, such as cockroaches, rats, ticks, and termites that invade buildings and surrounding areas. They deal with a diversity of pests that may pose a hazard to health or cause damage to crops and foodstuffs. Most pest control workers are hired by firms that specialize in pest control. These may be small firms or branches of nationwide chains. Some workers have their pest control businesses. Employers in the industry prefer to hire high school graduates. Most employers provide their workers with on-the-job training. Learners may be allocated to help an experienced worker, or given formal training through a course or workshop.

Foresters, Conservation and Wildlife Management
If you are an animal lover, then this job Is for you. It involves working with animals and protecting their habitats. Land conservation, animal control, and research are some of the numerous duties of a wildlife manager. Wildlife managers are tasked with maintaining the balance of nature, through population management. If an animal is threatened, they work to protect that animal by preserving its habitat and providing food supplies. However, if animals are also causing problems or being nuisance wildlife managers are responsible for managing them.
In South Africa, wildlife managers are of importance due to the variety of animals the land possesses. Wildlife manager jobs can be quite asking because their responsibilities are often conducted outside where they have to work with unpredictable wild animals. Wildlife Managers usually have qualifications in a related field, such as forestry, environmental science, and ecology. Also, there is a short course on offer from different institutions in South Africa such as the wildlife campus and the conservation academy.

Fishermen are men of the oceans. They spend most of their time in rivers, oceans, and dams. Fishermen use nets and fishing rods to trap or catch fish or other aquatic biology for human consumption or other uses. Most fishermen are self-employed but however other firms in the fish business can employ fishermen to have a vertical integration type of business model. To be a fisherman no qualifications are needed generally the skills are taught on the job hence you receive on-the-job training. in South Africa, fishermen require some sort of license to operate.

Renewable energy industry
The renewable energy industry offers employment to individuals with a varied educational background from engineers, scientists, farmers to lawyers. The renewable energy industry can be fragmented into different sub-categories: wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, bioenergy, and fuel cell technology. A wide range of career opportunities are accessible to workers with a high school diploma to advanced degrees.

Why choose agriculture
Working in agriculture is a noble profession. Farming is still the bread of the earth, you will be feeding a lot of people, curbing world hunger and being an advocate of environmental sustainability, which is quite fulfilling.
Agriculture is a broad discipline
Agriculture and forestry include a broad range of activities, from science, technology, and innovation. Agriculture offers you a chance to widen your reach and do many things, giving you room for growth and development.

The money is good
Agricultural employees earn much more than the national average. It is a sector where the money is guaranteed and in a good year, some employees can earn much more.

Agriculture will always be there
Agriculture will never die, everyone is going to need food hence agriculture offers you a stable and secure job opportunity.
So if you want a career I agriculture an exciting endeavor awaits you, take a look at the various opportunities we have for you here at vacancy mail, we have made it easier for you to make a monumental decision concerning your future.