Admin, Office Support & Services Jobs In South Africa

Admin, Office Support & Services Jobs Vacancies In South Africa

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The primary purpose of the Junior Manager: Digital Assurance is to assist the Head of Financial Services Technology at BDO ...

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Duties of the Administrative Assistant include providing support to the Growth team, assisting in our function’s general administrative activities

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We have an exciting opportunity for an DC Assistant (X5) within our Supply Chain Team! This position will be based ...

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Europcar, one of South Africa’s leading car rental companies which prides itself on delivering world-class service excellence, has an exciting ...

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Motus Toyota Nelspruit currently holds a vacancy for an Admin Assistant: Sales. Reporting to the New Vehicles Sales Manager, the ...

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G4S Secure Solutions (SA), a leading provider of integrated security management solutions, has a vacancy for a Contracts / Site ...

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G4S Cash Solutions (SA), a leading provider of integrated cash management solutions, has a vacancy for a ATM Custodian based ...

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G4S Cash Solutions (SA), a leading provider of integrated cash management solutions, has a temporary vacancy for a Contract Administrator ...

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G4S Cash Solutions (SA), a leading provider of integrated cash management solutions, has a vacancy for a admin clerk at ...

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The role is focused upon the provision of support services to the G4S businesses across the Africa region and its ...

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Administration jobs

Office Administrators have many duties within the office workspace, but one of their most essential roles is responding to phone calls and emails in order to keep the business operations running smoothly. Office administrators provide office support to the business which is vital for the smooth operation of a firm. Office administrators are also responsible for office projects and as well supervising interns or the junior staff of a firm.

The success of firms heavily relies on the efficiency and effectiveness of their administration. The office administration is responsible for enabling other employees to work to their maximum capacity. They handle all the activities that happen in the office space including the physical environment, from tidiness, seating lighting. Administration jobs range from receptionists, secretaries, and administrative assistant positions. Let’s take a look at them one by one in brief.
Most popular administration jobs

Receptionists are the gatekeepers of the firm. They are responsible for greeting visitors and offering them any assistance they might want. They also answer the firm s calls, attending to customer queries, and providing exceptional customer service.
Usually, receptionists have a high school diploma or certificates. They are trained on the job and can advance their careers to become administrative assistants.

Personal assistant/ secretary
A secretary is responsible for performing general clerical tasks in most cases on behalf of another person or individual in a firm. This job requires individuals with high energy and strong organizational skills. The daily life of a secretary involves scheduling meetings, taking phone calls, answering phone calls and coordinating calendars.

Administrative Assistants
Administrative assistants provide support to supervisors, managers, and general staff by conducting a variety of office tasks in order to ensure the smooth operation of an organization. Competent administrative assistants show exceptional organizational skills, management, multitasking, and time conscious skills that will get things done and help a firm achieve its goals.
Other administration jobs
• Administrative Assistant
• Administrative Coordinator
• Administrative Director
• Administrative Manager
• Administrative Services Manager
• Administrative Services Officer
• Administrative Specialist
• Administrative Support Manager
• Administrative Support Supervisor
• Administrator
• Assistant Director
• Executive Assistant
• Executive Services Administrator
• Human Resources Administrator
• Legal Secretary
• Medical Secretary
• Program Administrator
• Program Manager
• Secretary
• Senior Administrative Coordinator
• Senior Administrative Services Officer
• Senior Executive Assistant
• Senior Special Events Coordinator
• Senior Support Assistant
• Senior Support Specialist
• Special Events Coordinator
• Special Programs Coordinator

What to expect
Education qualifications are not always a requirement for you to work in administration although some employers have a need for them, they mostly require experience for the job. This is traditionally a female role and statistics prove that the positions are usually held by women. The work is based on providing a support role to other staff, tending to their needs which can be frustrating and draining in the end. You can find employment in any industry, which makes job opportunities numerous.

Career trajectory
As an administrative employee, after gaining relevant experience and training, there is a possibility of advancing to a more senior role with much more responsibility. An administrative assistant can become an office manager with time. However, advancement of your qualifications might be required for this move to happen.
In some instances, administrative assistants who have earned more qualifications can be moved to new departments and work from there.

Basic skills and requirements
• High school diploma or certificate
• phone skills
• Multitasking ability
• interpersonal skills
• Punctuality
• Ability to use office software, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint etc.
• Able to type fast

Benefits of working in administration

Broad Scope of Responsibilities
Working as an administrative employee you get to perform a wide range of jobs which eliminates boredom due to performing monotonous tasks. An administrator can be responsible for two or more different employees who have different job descriptions, meaning that the administrative assistant will be responsible for assisting all of them with their tasks

Building Relationships
Working as an administrative assistant will leave you open to building relationships with powerful people. Your social network will increase which will come in handy for you someday.

Career advancements

Working in administration will open you up to more job opportunities. Due to the work you will be doing you will be gaining experience and if you work hard and get noticed by higher up your chances of career advancements are big.