Accounting, Auditing Jobs In South Africa

Accounting, Auditing Jobs Vacancies in South Africa

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BDO South Africa has a vacancy for a Junior Bookkeeper Assistant within the Business Service and Advisory Department.

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The University of the Free State is looking to employ an Officer

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The Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government has an opportunity for a suitably and competent individual to ...

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•The CSIR has a vacancy for Internal Auditor in the Internal Audit portfolio. •The incumbent will provide an independent, objective ...

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Are you a passionate number cruncher? Someone who wants to achieve perfection through piecing the puzzle together? Then why not ...

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Your time is now to be your exceptional best at Old Mutual! Job Description The appointment will be made from ...

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We have an exciting opportunity for a Clerk: Revenue to join our team on a 6-month contract basis. This position ...

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Your time is now to be your exceptional best at Old Mutual! As a result of a recent increase in ...

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•Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) has exciting opportunities in our Sales department. •We are looking for talented individuals with relevant ...

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•Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) has an exciting opportunity in our Sales department. •We are looking for talented female with ...

Accounting, Auditing Jobs
An overview of accounting
Thinking about a career in commerce? Accounting is one of the most sorts after jobs in the commerce field. In the last few years alone, accounting jobs have seen a rise in demand due to the rise of the digital age, change in policies and regulations, and changes in tax laws. Accounting has different facets to it, from roles like auditing, financial expert, consultants, analysts to exciting roles like forensic accounting.
As an accountant the main role you will play in the world of commerce and business is preparing financial records, examining, and producing a report. An accountant is also responsible for ensuring all client accounts are up to date and accurate. As well as making sure that clients pay their taxes fully and always in time to avoid receiving fines from the government.
Being an accountant is a role that is filled with a myriad of responsibilities and duties that are vital for the success of a company hence a determined, organized person with potent qualifications is a must for the job due to its importance and role in the company's success. If you are a fan of numbers, business and law this is the right job for you, read on and find out more on how you can be an accountant/auditor.

What does an accountant do?
Generally, accountants record, summarize monitor, and report all transactions and other economic events. Those transactions are sometimes immediate or sometimes are involved where payment is done down the track. Accountants use their analytical skills to examine business transaction records that a business has provided. This analysis also involves inventory management, analysis of billing procedures, invoices, and accounts receivables to make sure that there comply with accounting rules and regulations.
On a day-to-day basis, financial auditors use analytical skills to assess accounting and financial reports by testing the documentation of transactions that the company has provided. The analysis also includes observation of inventory and the processes used for managing inventory counts. Additionally, financial auditors review accounts receivable, invoices, vendor payments, and billing procedures to ensure compliance with accounting guidelines.
Below is a comprehensive list of the duties and roles of an accountant
• Preparation of accounts and tax returns
• issuing payrolls and controlling income and spending
• Auditing
• compiling and giving reports, commentaries and financial statements
• Coming up with budget plans
• Examining accounts and business strategies
• Making sure taxation is done in accordance to the law of the state.
• financial forecasting and risk management
• dealing with insolvency situations
Types of accountants
• Financial accounting
• Managerial accounting
• Auditing
• Tax accounting
• Forensic accounting

Qualifications and skills needed to become an Accountant
A bigger percentage of accountants possess a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or mathematics. A bachelor s degree in accounting Is a major required to become an accountant and often is listed in job descriptions. Prior work experience is not a must for a normal entry-level accounting job. However, for you to pursue an advanced career in accounting such as being a chartered accountant a certification is needed which requires taking exams and work experience.
To become an accountant in South Africa usually, all begins in high school by taking the appropriate subjects needed for a career in commerce which is Business, Mathematics, and accounting. After having finished high school or metric you will need to enroll into a tertiary institute to earn a bachelor`s degree in commerce, either accounting, finance, or equivalent qualification at any SAIPA -accredited institution. Having completed a bachelor's degree in commerce, you will need to gain experience for you to be able to find a job as an accountant. Experience can come in the form of apprentices, internships, or learnerships for some years at any SAIPA accredited centers. Post learnerships comes to the final step that taking a professional evaluation exam to test your competence in accounting. Having completed

Skills required to become an accountant.
This job is sensitive and needs a person of high integrity and honesty.
Organizational skills and ability to manage deadlines
You must always be organized and be able to meet deadlines for you to be good at your job. Lack of organization will lead to making mistakes and missing important deadlines.
Teamworking ability
The ability to work well with others is a required skill for this job as most of the time you will be working with a team under you.
Communication and interpersonal skills
Efficient communication is needed there is no room for misunderstandings and ambiguity
Proficiency in IT
One must be IT literate as the job might require the use of computer programs for deeper analysis
Math Skills
Math skills are needed to help ensure accuracy and enable you to understand the financial data given to you.
What to expect
accountants can work in any sector for most organizations as part of the accounting team. An accountant can work in-house for a business in their accounting department, at non-profit organizations, and small practice by themselves. Employers include public practice, that is working for accounting organizations or firms. Industry and commerce where you will work for major commercial companies. The industrial public sector where you will work for the government, non-profit organizations, and charities.
accountants typically work on a 9-5 basis in an office environment, other than those days where deadlines must be met during projects. The job needs a person who is well organized and sticks to deadlines as it is demanding. accountants typically work in an office environment, however, if you are performing auditing tasks traveling might be required.

What are the Stages of Growth within the Industry?
An accountant earns a respectable paycheck. Being an accountant is quite demanding and can make or make break a company hence a hefty paycheck follows the job. A person working as an accountant in South Africa earns an average of 28,500 Rands per month.
The salaries range from 14,800 Rands to 43,600 Rands that is from lowest to highest respectively. Like any other job, salaries are affected by a handful number of factors from experience, location and the firm one works for. Those with more experience earn more and the opposite is true. On average, it is said that a person doubles the starting salary they entered the job with by the time they cross the 10 years’ experience mark.

Which are the Top Companies to Work for?
The financial sector is always growing and in need of very skilled accountants hence getting a job in the industry is not as difficult compared to other professions. The job can be quite demanding at times but very rewarding in the end. There is a lot of flexibility in being an accountant, you can work for a large firm or a small firm depending on your preferences. Some even work as freelancers doing work for themselves according to their specifications.